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Guarding Your Rights After Injury

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has set guidelines and protocols that all employers must abide to in order to create a safe working environment for employees. As a worker, you have the right to perform your daily tasks while feeling safe. No worker should have to show up at work and wonder if it’s the day they’ll be seriously injured or killed. Unfortunately, even if employers try their best to avoid obstacles, accidents can still happen in the workplace.

If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Our El Paso workplace accident lawyers have decades of experience helping injured victims recover and can assess your situation in a free consultation. We use our resources and knowledge to determine liability and hold guilty parties responsible for the harm they’ve caused. Farah Law is here to stand by your side during a challenging time.

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Common Types of Workplace Accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3 million workers were injured and 4,500 workers died from workplace accidents in 2013. Workplace accidents are often associated with dangerous industries, like construction, where debris is falling and heavy machinery can injure a worker quickly, but workplace accidents can happen in any environment.

Workers can even be injured in a typical office space. There are a variety of accidents that can occur, but our team has seen several common accidents associated with the workplace. Common accidents that occur on the job include:

  • Slip and falls: For construction workers, slip and fall hazards are a constant presence, as workers can easily fall from heights off scaffolding or trip over an obstacle on the ground. Everyday office workers can also slip and fall over wet or slippery surfaces, uneven or torn carpeting, and on stairs if they’re uneven or lack protective railing. Even something as seemingly minor as poor lighting can cause someone to trip. Slip and fall accidents often result in broken bones and can even cause catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries and head trauma.
  • Collisions: Car accidents can be considered workplace accidents if workers are on the job. This can include delivery vehicle drivers who are injured while making deliveries, or construction workers driving forklifts. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States.
  • Being hit by falling objects: Construction workers have to wear helmets and protective clothing when they’re on worksites to avoid injuries from falling debris, but office workers can be injured by falling objects, too. Workers can be injured by objects that fall out of cabinets and off higher shelves.
  • Repetitive strain injuries: Not all workplace injuries are the result of a one-time accident. Repetitive strain injuries appear over time from workers making the same movements that create injuries while working. An example is developing carpal tunnel over time after using a non-ergonomic keyboard for years, or suffering from back injuries from bending over boxes every day.

Other workplace accidents can involve exposure to toxic substances. While construction workers are more at risk of inhaling unsafe substances and chemicals, office workers can also be exposed to things like asbestos, which is still found in older buildings.

How Our Lawyers Help

At Farah Law, we know our state and federal labor laws and OSHA regulations, so we can determine whether your accident was caused by negligence. We’re undaunted by the possibility of going up against large insurance companies and powerful employers – if our clients are injured, they deserve justice. We also have the resources of an established law firm needed to thoroughly investigate accident scenes and collect solid evidence to strengthen claims.

Our team has recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been injured. While you may feel overwhelmed by your mounting bills, we can help you cover the costs through settlements or verdicts. Damages we can recover include medical bills like surgeries and X-rays, medications, and physical therapy, as well as lost wages or future earning capacity, pain and suffering, and property damage. We’re standing by if you need compassionate care and fierce advocacy during this dark and vulnerable time.

Call our El Paso workplace accident attorneys today at (915) 233-4297 if you need dedicated legal representation. Get started quickly following your accident so your recovery process isn’t stalled.