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While oil drilling is an important part of Texas' economic infrastructure, it also tends to be a dangerous profession. For many people, working in an oilfield has left permanent damage, and may have even left them incapable of resuming work. If you were injured while working on an oil field in the El Paso area, contact Farah Law for the hard-hitting legal representation you need to seek adequate compensation.

Our El Paso oilfield injury lawyers are known for our dedication to our clients' needs. Our commitment to excellent service and aggressive representation has been demonstrated in three decades of highly successful courtroom experience.

The Dangers of Oilfield Work

Working on the oilfield can come at a price. Even with the proper safety precautions, nothing guarantees that machinery will not malfunction, or that fellow workers will have the skill necessary to prevent dangerous conditions. As a result, oil workers are often at risk for a number of oil drilling injuries.

The risks associated with oilfield work include:

  • Drilling Injuries
  • Explosions and fires
  • Machinery malfunction
  • Chemical injuries
  • Pipeline blowouts
  • Falling equipment or structures

Many of these injuries can lead to amputation, physical disability, or even wrongful death. Insurance is often insufficient to cover the financial and emotional costs associated with such accidents. In the days and weeks after an injury, a qualified injury lawyer can gather evidence concerning your accident and help you work to gain compensation for a reduced quality of life.

Don't hesitate to speak with our experienced El Paso oilfield injury attorneys to learn about your options if you were injured on the job. We also assist Texas workers with filing oilfield wage claims.

We Can Help You Fight for Compensation

In the aftermath of a devastating injury, it is important to work with an oilfield injury lawyer who understands your situation. Our El Paso personal injury team at Farah Law can provide the individualized legal counsel you need. We frequently take cases that other firms refuse to handle and have helped clients recover millions for a broad assortment of injuries.

Our legal team offers bilingual service and will travel to meet you if you are unable to visit our office in person. Contact Farah Law today to retain the aggressive representation you need!