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Our Case Results

If you are in need of legal representation to pursue financial compensation for a personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, you owe it to yourself to hire the best Houston personal injury lawyer you can find. There are many questions you should ask when meeting with an attorney whom you are considering hiring, but perhaps the most important one is "What results have you gotten in cases similar to mine?" Results are, after all, what really matters in the final equation.

At Farah Law, we take pride in the fact that we have won millions of dollars for our clients in accident claims. Take a moment now to review some of our most recent results, followed by contacting our office for a free case evaluation!

    • 18 wheeler accident with fractured hip and over 17 surgeries - Personal Injury $3 million recovered
    • 18 wheeler accident; loss of left eye - Personal Injury $850,000 recovered
    • Auto Accident; Injuries: broken ribs, bruised lung, fractures back, broken right wrist, broken right arm, bone protrusion - Personal Injury $$332,500 recovered
    • Boat explosion; severe burns - Personal Injury $ 750,000 recovered
    • Civil Forfeiture case; Money seized by the State of Texas Auto Accident settled for $332,500 - Personal Injury $200,000 recovered
    • Dog bite case; Grandmother with serious bite to her thigh (hospitalization required) and grands - Personal Injury $140,000 recovered
    • Premises Liability case; fracture to left humerus and 11 screws due to bone loss; 7 surgeries reqiured - Personal Injury $450,000 recovered
    • Settled an 18 wheeler collision case. The client had a torn meniscus in his knee which was surgically repaired. - Personal Injury $103,581.00
    • Water Heater home explosion; severe burns - Personal Injury $300,000 recovered