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Harris Co, TX - Apartment Complex Owners Cited For Unsafe Pool Conditions After Child Drowns

Harris Co, TX (September 30, 2021) - The owners of an apartment complex have been cited by the Harris County Department of Public Health after a 3-year-old boy drowned.

Texas Urban Property Management was cited due to the inexcusable conditions in which the pool was found at their apartment complex in the 700 block of Barren Springs Drive in north Harris County.

In addition to the squalor, the fence circling the pool had a broken gate and was left unlocked.

An investigation determined that the 3-year old wandered away from the terrace of his family's apartment while under his grandmother’s supervision on Thursday evening. Due to the open fence, he was able to easily access the pool.

After 20 minutes of frantic searching, the child was located at the bottom of the pool, unresponsive.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim at this time.

Deaths on Private Property in Harris County


Apartment complexes are considered private property and are therefore responsible for the safety of their tenants and permitted guests. People who are on the premises will come under one of three categories:

  • Invitees (paying guests)

  • Licensees (social guests)

  • Trespassers (persons not legally allowed to be on the property)

Tenants with a lease in good standing and their guests are invitees. They are allowed to use the pool in compliance with the rules, and entitled to the greatest degree of care. If you were injured in an accident at a swimming pool on private property, such as an apartment complex, or a loved one drowned, you need to ascertain what, if any, duty of care you were owed. Once that has been determined, you can move forward with a premises liability claim.

In order to be valid, a premises liability claim must have one or more of the following three factors. The more of these factors your claim has, the more solid it will be.

  • The owner/manager of the apartment complex knew of the risk and failed to inform their tenants or fix the problem

  • The owner/manager of the apartment complex is responsible for the hazardous condition

  • The owner/manager of the apartment complex was ignorant of the danger but could reasonably have been expected to be aware of it if they were conscientious of their tenant’s safety

Harris County Premises Liability Attorneys

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