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Oil field labor is rigorous and often dangerous. Although oil field workers deserve payment for the extensive hours put into their job, many employers withhold the wages that their employees deserve. If you are not receiving proper pay, you need to take immediate legal action.

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Seeking Justice for Lost Oil Field Wages in Texas

In many cases, oil field workers may not realize that they have lost wages they are entitled to, or do not understand their right to receive such wages. There are a number of ways that some companies avoid paying their employees the wages they deserve. Review the list below if you think you are not getting the funds you are entitled to and contact a lawyer right away.

Oil field workers lose wages in the following ways:

  • Misclassification: Certain jobs are exempt from benefits such as overtime. When an oil field worker is mislabeled as an exempt employee, they can lose privileges they would normally be entitled to.
  • Overtime work: In many cases, employers pay less than the legal minimum for overtime. This strips a worker of the additional funds they should receive for their hard work.
  • "Off the clock" work: Some companies refuse to pay their employees for meetings on-the-job travel time. These hours are actually payable, and should not be overlooked.

If you discover that you have not received adequate pay, don't wait to file a claim. Several laws prevent money from being recovered after a certain amount of time, and depending on how long your wages have been withheld, this could mean the loss of thousands of dollars. The oil field wage lawyers at our firm can help you take action to recover these funds in a timely manner and ensure that you receive maximum compensation for the wages you have lost.

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