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Attune® Knee System

Attune® Knee System Lawsuits

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There are growing concerns about the Attune® Knee System’s safety – or lack thereof. The knee replacement system was first put on the medical market in 2011 by its manufacturer, DePuy Synthes, and it is believed upwards of 400,000 patients have received the implant. However, leading medical professionals have concluded the Attune® Knee System has an unusually high chance of failure after implantation, causing dangerous health conditions.

Farah Law in Edinburgis known for providing unwavering and steadfast legal representation to the wrongfully injured, including those who have been hurt by defective Attune® Knee Systems. If you have experienced painful and hazardous side effects ever since the device was implanted, then you might have the right to seek compensation from DePuy.

Compensation you may be able to cite in your injury claim includes:

  • Medical cost for initial surgery
  • Cost for any secondary surgeries to remove implant
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wages lost while recovering from your surgeries or injuries

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Potential Health Conditions Caused by Attune® Failures

In an article published by the Journal of Knee Surgery, a collection of orthopedic surgeons studied the design and safety of the Attune® Knee System. They found that bonding agents used to keep knee implants in place after initial surgeries do not work well with the unique design of the Attune®. A component of the knee replacement device is designed to move to reduce stress on the overall system, but this also makes a permanent bonding difficult, if not impossible. Numerous premature failures of the system have been reported due to the bonding agent coming loose.

After an Attune® Knee System fails, the patient may experience:

  • Painful swelling around the knee
  • Shakiness when walking or standing
  • Limited range of motion
  • Chronic aches and soreness

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