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What To Do After a Katy Freeway Accident

No one wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, especially one on a freeway. Since car accidents are events we want to avoid, we typically avoid thinking about them. Yet, when other drivers are negligent, accidents happen despite our best efforts to drive safely, and we need to know how to respond.

Along with fulfilling legal responsibilities established by the State of Texas, it is important for you to connect with an experienced car accident lawyer following a crash. The team at Farah Law will guide you through the post-freeway accident process and work hard to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

First, Always Follow Texas Law

The Texas Transportation Code establishes what those involved in motor vehicle accidents must do following after an accident. If the crash involves injury, death, or property damage of $200 or more, drivers must stop at the scene or return to the scene if the vehicle comes to a stop in another location. Drivers must stay at the scene until authorities arrive, and exchange contact, insurance, and vehicle information with each other. If it is possible to offer help to injured victims, those able must give that help, even if just by calling for emergency medical services.

The Transportation Code also includes specific rules for auto accidents occurring on freeways. If it is safe for drivers to move themselves and their vehicles, the involved vehicles must be moved to safety as quickly as the drivers are able to, where authorities can then safely investigate the situation and first responders can treat the injured. This area may be the side of the road, or it may be a police lot where the vehicles can be inspected for evidence. The goal is to avoid further accidents and allow all information to be reviewed.

Although the law does not require reporting the accident to authorities when damage is minimal and there are no injuries, it is usually best to make a police report, anyway. Sometimes, damage is more costly than it seems, and injury symptoms emerge later. In addition, the authorities will then take care of completing and submitting the required crash report to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Additional Dos and Don'ts

There are other important steps to either take or avoid after a Katy Freeway accident. To protect your health and your potential car accident claim, it is essential to know what to say or not say and what actions to take.

Watch Your Words

After an accident, watch your words carefully. In the immediate aftermath, keep your cool when interacting with others involved in the crash. Do not make any admissions of fault or say anything that could be interpreted as an admission. Saying “I’m sorry this happened” could work against you. Even if the other person was clearly at fault, your honest “I didn’t see you coming” can be used to imply you were not paying attention.

See A Doctor

If you do not require emergency medical care, you still need to get to a doctor within hours or a day of the event. Protect yourself from making a condition worse or succumbing to injuries that may not appear immediately following a freeway car crash. Shock and adrenaline can mask pain and other symptoms. For some injuries, even dangerous ones, symptoms take time to show. For example, blows to the head can cause a brain bleed, but victims may not feel the effects until their well-being is in serious danger.

If you file for compensation for your medical bills, it is important to have those injuries diagnosed and documented right away. Delaying care gives the at-fault party an opening to claim your injuries were either not bad enough to warrant compensation or that you caused your worsened condition by putting off treatment.

Gather Evidence

As long as it is safe to do so, collect evidence while at the scene of the accident. Take pictures and video of the damage to the cars, their positions, roadway conditions, traffic signals, road lighting, and anything else that may have relevance. Take pictures of your injuries and the property damage. If witnesses are present, collect their contact information and ask them to share any photo or video evidence they may have.

Report To Your Insurance

Report the freeway accident to your insurance company. Provide only factual information and keep your remarks as brief as possible. Again, do not say anything that could be construed as an admission of fault. Do not downplay your injuries. Just tell the adjuster you have sustained injuries and will be following up with a doctor and a car accident lawyer.

Do not speak to the other party’s insurance or other representatives. If they reach out to you, it is best to tell them you will have your attorney contact them. When the other party is clearly at fault, sometimes, their insurance company will attempt to avoid a lawsuit by offering you a fast settlement. They will claim the offer is generous, will save you time and legal fees, and allow you to move on with your life. Do not accept any offers without speaking to an attorney. You may need and be entitled to far more compensation.

Partner With a Car Accident Attorney in Houston, TX

Your best strategy when dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is representation from an experienced Houston car accident attorney. The team at Farah Law will handle all aspects of your case and protect you from accidentally saying the wrong thing by handling all communication with other involved parties. Our attorneys will work to secure the financial justice you deserve. Your energy and efforts need to go into your medical recovery, so let your auto accident lawyer take care of the rest.

Document Everything

Even after connecting with a personal injury lawyer, document anything accident-related in the days and weeks following the incident. Write down the details of the event as soon as possible and before your memory fades. Make notes documenting the physical and psychological effects of the accident and your injuries. Keep track of your medical appointments, saving records of test results, diagnoses, treatments, and costs.

Your Rights Are Our Priority

As the victim of a Katy Freeway accident, you have rights. If you have been hurt or your property has sustained damage, you have the right to seek compensation from the party responsible for causing those losses, and Farah Law is ready to help. Call or send a message to set up a free consultation with an experienced, attentive member of our team. Count on a Houston car accident attorney from Farah Law to fight for your rights and the financial compensation you deserve.