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The Most Dangerous Professions in the Houston Area From 2011-2017

Data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries has revealed the Houston area’s most hazardous occupations, presenting information on the number of deaths that occurred on the job between the years of 2011 and 2017, reports The Houston Chronicle.

There are many jobs that are known to be dangerous: Construction, factory work, and heavily driving-dependent roles are common examples. However, service was one industry that appeared on the list of Houston’s deadliest professions multiple times.

Production positions in the service industry rank as Houston’s deadliest job during the six-year period, with 416 deaths occurring during that time. Other service-industry positions proved to be dangerous, with retail (48 deaths), “services to buildings and dwellings” (39 deaths), leisure and hospitality (34 deaths), and “other services except public administration” (36 deaths) also making the list.

Following at second deadliest, goods producing jobs resulted in 269 deaths from 2011-2017.

In third, Houston’s construction industry saw 184 deaths during those years.

Behind construction falls the transportation and utilities industry, with 171 deaths. Specialty trade contractors had 116 deaths happen from 2011-2017. There were 103 deaths at professional and business service jobs. Eighty-seven deaths occurred in Houston’s transportation and warehousing industry. Manufacturing jobs reported 59 deaths, heavy and civil engineering construction reported 54 deaths, and inspection, guard, and armored car services reported 28 deaths.

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