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Guerra & Farah, PLLC Offers Condolences to Texans Affected by Recent Floods

Southeast and Central Texas are currently reeling from a massive Memorial weekend storm system that has caused extensive flooding, tornadoes, and other adverse weather conditions. At least five in Texas have died, a dozen more are missing, and hundreds of homes have been flooded or swept away. The legal team at Farah Law would like to offer our sincerest condolences to all victims during this time.

"We got hammered," Rick Flanagan, Houston's emergency management coordinator told CNN. "We had cars that were stranded, mobility was stopped... signals didn't work. It was just a madhouse."

CNN also reports that it is estimated that up to 400 homes have been flooded in Hays County. Tuesday morning, The Associated Press also reported that up to 700 homes in Harris County could have suffered flooding and storm damage.

These communities and many others remain on high alert as officials warn that flooding could continue or worsen. The San Jacinto River, Cypress Creek, and the Greens Bayou are all expected to continue to rise and flood.

Families & Communities Counting on Support

As damage is still being measured and assessed from these storms, one thing remains certain: countless Texas families and individuals will be turning to their insurance companies for the relief they need to rebuild and repair their homes and move on with their lives. When widespread damage like this occurs, it is almost certain that there will be some instances when these companies refuse to honor their customer's policies and leave them in states of disrepair or even homelessness.

At Farah Law, we understand how heartbreaking weather events like this can be and that, in some cases, homes that have been lost can never truly be replaced. However, Texas policy holders who have suffered losses during this storm deserve the recognition and coverage they have paid for. In troubled times like these, insurance companies should be working to help support and rebuild these communities, not to marginalize and abandon the customers who have counted on them.

If your insurance company refuses to fully compensate you for the flooding and storm damage your property has sustained, then we invite you to contact us at Farah Law today. With more than three decades of combined legal experience, our legal team strives to provide advocacy for our clients during every step of the claims process and ensures that their right to proper coverage and relief is always emphatically fought for.

You do not have to accept the red tape and run around from your insurance company. Contact our Texas trial lawyers today.