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Hail & Wind Damage Claims

Hail & Wind Damage Claims in Texas

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Has your home suffered hail and wind damage during the Texas hurricane season? Are you experiencing resistance from your insurance provider about receiving the coverage your policy should provide? If so, it may be time to seek legal counsel. Insurance providers will go to great lengths to avoid paying what they owe to their customers, leaving many homeowners without critical coverage during hurricane season.

If you are struggling with your insurance provider following a hurricane or severe storm, then Farah Law is ready to hear from you. Our firm is well acquainted with the tactics this industry will use to avoid paying their policyholders and have years of experience in holding them accountable on behalf of wronged and injured claimants.

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When Bad Faith Occurs

Too often, policyholders take all the appropriate steps to file a thorough and compelling claim only to have their provider act in bad faith. "Bad faith" occurs when insurance providers act unfairly to policyholders deserving of the coverage they've paid for.

Bad faith can occur when:

  • When a provider doesn't properly investigate a claim
  • When a provider doesn't promptly rule on a claim
  • When a provider doesn't give a valid reason to reject a claim
  • When a provider doesn't promptly provide coverage on an approved claim
  • When a provider doesn't provide critical coverage stipulations
  • When a provider offers a dramatically low amount

These are just some of the ways insurance providers will protect their profits and leave customers to accept less than what they are owed. At our firm, our dedicated Houston insurance claim lawyer is ready to help you and your family combat these tactics and ensure that your hail and wind damage claim receives the consideration it deserves.

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