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District Attorney Kim Ogg Reveals Propositions to Improve Criminal Justice in Harris County, Texas

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg held a press conference on Tuesday, October 17th at the South Texas College of Law, in Houston, Texas. This conference included a sequence of recommendations about the work from the District Attorney’s office. These recommendations cover an extensive variety of subjects, including bail bond reform, officer-involved shootings, victims’ rights, and more. The District Attorney worked on this widespread list of recommendations with 60 prominent figures in the community. Our very own Co-Founding Partner Juan L. Guerra, Jr. is a Committee Member of the District Attorney’s Transition Team which also includes former HPD Chief C. O. Bradford, Lydia Johnson, professor at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law, former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, and Tarsha Jackson, leader of the Texas Organizing Project in Harris County.

The recommendations focused particularly on the reform of the bail bond system in Harris County, Texas in which District Attorney Kim Ogg clarified there is a sincere emphasis on promoting the use of personal recognizance bonds as opposed to cash. She states, “When our prosecutors began recommending that, that was in line with the committee’s recommendations.” She also added that her office will expand the use of diversion programs for low-level drug offenders. Regarding officer-involved shootings, District Attorney Kim Ogg specified these cases will be handled by prosecutors assigned to the District Attorney’s Civil Rights Division, and will be shown to grand juries promptly.

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