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Attorney Juan L. Guerra, Jr. Secures Acquittal in 1982 Cold Case

Guerra & Farah PLLC is proud to announce that attorney Juan L. Guerra, Jr. has successfully secured an acquittal for a client facing murder allegations. He and co-chair Leira Moreno Gracia's exhaustive investigation into the evidence and careful cross-examination of a key witness made a critical difference in this decades-old cold case.

Case Background

The incident, a shooting death, occurred in 1982. Allegedly, the altercation was over a woman, the accused's sister. She witnessed the crime but passed away in 2012—the same year that the accused, her brother, was arrested for the crime. By that time, the accused had become a legal permanent resident in the U.S. and moved his family to La Mesa, Texas.

However, the alleged evidence against him remained, including an original police statement of a key eyewitness. The accused promptly hired Guerra & Farah, PLLC to combat the allegations against him.

The Trials

The first trial against the accused ended in a mistrial: the jury had failed to reach a unanimous determination. The final count was 10-2 for guilty, but a new trial was scheduled.

Attorneys Guerra and Gracia focused on the original police investigation into the incident, which suggested that there could have been an alternate shooter. They exhaustively searched for additional witnesses that were allegedly present during the shooting and could support this argument. There were 16 in all but none of them could be located.

Instead, attorneys Guerra and Gracia had to turn their attention to the state's key piece of evidence: the testimony of their alleged eyewitness. Under rigorous cross-examination by the defense team, it was revealed that the witness had provided the police false information in his original 1982 statement.

That was enough for the second jury: they deliberated for six hours and came back with a not guilty verdict. The state's evidence had not proven that the accused had committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

We congratulate attorney Juan L. Guerra, Jr. for his exemplary work in this particularly challenging case. Cold cases always provide their own set of obstacles for defense counsel and despite the significant, decades-long gap between the trial and meaningful evidence and testimony, Mr. Guerra was still able to ensure that justice was served on behalf of our embattled client.

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