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Attorney Juan L. Guerra, Jr Selected for Special Investigative Committee Following the Death of Sandra Bland

Following the controversial suicide of Sandra Bland, the public is still faced with more questions than answers. Now, a special investigative committee has been formed to look into the practices of the Waller County Sheriff's Department that jailed her. Our own Attorney Juan L. Guerra, Jr has been selected for this committee and will lend his insights and efforts to the investigation.

On July 10, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. Dashboard video shows that tension between Bland and Sheriff Brian Encinia quickly escalated, resulting in Bland’s arrest. Bland was found dead sometime later in her Waller County jail cell.

While theories are rampant, few concrete answers have been established as to what happened to Bland. Because of this, Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith has now ordered a special investigation of his own department led by defense attorney Paul Looney. Attorney Looney and his team will review all department policies, procedures, and personnel in hopes of uncovering findings that will not only shed light on Bland's death, but other allegations the of police brutality.

A Hard Look at the Department

Along with the rest of this committee, Attorney Guerra is expected to have full access to the Waller County Sheriff's Department. "I expect to be able to show up at the door and ask to speak to them at that moment and be granted access," Attorney Looney told KPRC 2.

Attorney Guerra's appointment to the special committee is just another testament to the acumen, insight, and dedication to justice he brings to each of his client's cases. We look forward to his contributions on this effort and any resolution he can help provide to this troubling story.

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