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Judge Grants Mistrial in Client's Murder Case

Guerra & Farah, PLLC is proud to announce that we have obtained a mistrial in our client's murder case. In 2012 the man was arrested and charged with committing murder in 1982, based on one witness's allegations.

During the 30 years that this murder case was pending, our client was living, working, and raising a family in La Mesa, TX. He became a temporary legal resident in 1988 and then became a permanent legal resident in 1990. He later moved to Waco, where he was arrested for the alleged murder in 2012.

The initial investigation into the murder included interviews with over 20 witnesses, although the prosecution only located one witness for our client's trial. This witness was the only person to implicate our client for the murder. Other eye witnesses did not implicate our client for the crime, but they could not be located to testify at his trial.

During cross examination Attorney Juan Guerra was able to question the credibility of the state's witness that implicated our client. Through this questioning Attorney Guerra was able to create reasonable doubt that our client committed the murder. After two days of deliberating, the jury reported that they were hopelessly deadlocked. Because of the hung jury, the judge granted a mistrial in our client's case.

We are very pleased that our team was able to secure this outcome for our client's case. Guerra & Farah, PLLC is committed to obtaining the best possible results and defending our clients' rights in every criminal case we handle in Texas. If you or a loved one needs aggressive and effective defense counsel, contact our firm to learn about our outstanding legal services and to find out how we can help.