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What Is Cyberbullying and Is It a Criminal Offense in Texas?

Cyberbullying is bullying that uses an electronic device for texting, emails, posts on web pages or Facebook, or interactive game sites. Bullying can take on many forms. While you often think of bullying in terms of children at school, it can also occur outside of school and is not limited to children. Here are some examples of cyberbullying:

  • Posts aimed at embarrassing, humiliating or denigrating you
  • Hacking into your computer and stealing passwords to use your identity on other sites and post cruel comments that make you look like the bully
  • Tormenting you on interactive game sites
  • Threatening to hurt or kill you
  • Posing as someone else, getting you to disclose your secrets and then disclosing the secrets to embarrass you
  • Smearing your reputation online and spreading lies about you
  • Getting others to verbally attack you as well or threaten you
  • Making obscene communications to you or about you
  • Bombarding you with a thousand text messages to run up your phone bill

Cyberbullying may rise to the level of harassment, which is a crime under the Texas Penal Code. Anyone arrested for harassment is subject to either Class B or Class A misdemeanor charges. Depending on other aggravating factors, cyber crimes may also be charged as felonies.

When someone steals your identity and commits cyber crimes in your name, you can end up being charged with criminal offenses.

If you face online harassment charges or other types of cyber crime charges, find out how an El Paso criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights.