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Hail and Wind Damage Claims

Hail & Wind Damage Claims

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Every year, Texas homes experience significant damage from severe wind and hail storms during hurricane season. In many cases, these homeowners are able to receive the repairs they need via their insurance coverage—but not always. Insurance providers will often protect their bottom lines by resisting legitimate homeowner claims, leaving policyholders and their families without the relief they deserve during this critical time of year.

If you are one of these policyholders, then we invite you to contact us at Farah Law today. At our firm, we are all too familiar with the lengths these companies will go to deny coverage to their deserving customers. Our aggressive and experienced El Paso insurance claim lawyer is not only ready to negotiate on your behalf but also prepared to see this matter resolved in the courtroom if needed.

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When Legal Action Is Called For

Ideally, your insurance provider will investigate your claim and promptly provide the coverage owed according to your policy. When this does not happen for unfair reasons, it is called insurance bad faith and often requires legal action to remedy.

Common examples of bad faith include:

  • Refusing to properly investigate a claim
  • Refusing to promptly negotiate a settlement
  • Refusing to give valid reason for a claim rejection
  • Refusing to promptly rule on a claim
  • Refusing to promptly provide coverage on an approved claim
  • Refusing to inform policyholders of coverage limits

These are just some of the many ways insurance providers minimize the needs of their policyholders and protect their own profits. If you believe that you and your family have been the victim of one of these tactics (or others), then the time to seek compassionate and effective legal counsel is now.

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