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Patients across the country have begun experiencing severe health complications caused by their Attune® Knee Systems, manufactured by DePuy Synthes. Our El Paso personal injury lawyers from Farah Law are hearing claims and complaints from the people of our communities regarding this defective medical device. Research has shown that the device is prone to unpredictable and early failures, causing a variety of unanticipated side effects and harm.

Attune® Knee System failures have been linked to:

  • Strong pain and swelling in knee joint
  • Chronic, full body pain
  • Dizziness, nausea, and incoordination
  • Trouble walking or standing

Was an Attune® Knee System used in your knee replacement surgery, and now you are experiencing unexpected medical complications? You might be eligible to file a claim against DePuy in pursuit of compensation and justice. Contact us today to talk to our personal injury attorneys in El Paso about your case and schedule a no-cost case evaluation.

Extensive Research Suggests Attune® Dangers

A panel of nine orthopedic surgeons took up the task of researching the design and potential dangers of the Attune® Knee System. Upon reviewing the device in close detail, they published their findings in the Journal of Knee Surgery. According to their educated and informed statements, the Attune® Knee System’s abnormally high failure rate can be attributed to the design of the device itself.

Attune® was specially designed to be more moveable than a typical knee replacement device so it could better absorb the impact of walking, running, etc. However, bonding agents used to keep knee replacement devices in place after surgery cannot adhere well to the moving parts of Attune®. Eventually, the bonding agent fails, the device becomes loose, and the patient suffers for it. To correct the issue, a patient will likely require additional surgery to remove and replace the Attune® Knee System.

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You can depend on our El Paso personal injury lawyers when you need to bring an injury claim against DePuy for their defective Attune® Knee System. We have decades of total legal experience fighting for the rights of the wrongfully injured, so we have no hesitation when it comes to going head-to-head with powerful oppositions, such as pharmaceutical giants. Your future comfort and health may depend on the outcome of your case. We will show the dedication and urgency needed to make certain your chances of success are maximized.

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