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Has your home or property been damaged by Texas' hurricane season? If so, receiving the relief you need could be up to an insurance provider looking to protect its bottom line. Every year, countless policyholders experience resistance from their providers over storm damage that needs to be remedied immediately. In these cases, it may be necessary to retain proven legal counsel to ensure that the insurance provider properly honors your policy.

At Farah Law, we are well-versed the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying their customers what they are owed. Our experienced Edinburginsurance claim lawyer is not only ready to enter negotiations on behalf of our clients but, if necessary, take these insurance providers to court to hold them accountable for the disservice they've done their customers.

Your insurance provider does not need to have the final word on you storm damage claim. Contact us to start exploring your options today.

Understanding "Bad Faith"

Bad faith is a term to describe when a provider has acted unfairly to a policyholder. Bad faith can be especially harmful to policyholders who are left in urgent need of coverage after an unexpected event like an accident or a serious hail or wind storm.

Examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Failure to disclose limits to coverage
  • Failure to provide valid reason for claim rejection
  • Failure to properly investigate a claim
  • Failure to promptly provide approved coverage
  • Failure to promptly rule on a claim

Any of these examples of bad faith (and others) are possible with a hail or wind damage claim. If you and your family have sustained significant storm damage and have been left out in the cold by your insurance provider, then the time to act is now. Call us at Farah Law to start exploring your legal options.

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