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21 Injured in Pasadena, Texas Industrial Plant Explosion & Fire

Pasadena, Texas — a region just southeast of Houston — was rocked by a massive chemical plant explosion and fire the morning of May 19th, 2018. The Kuraray America EVAL facility, which produces a number of chemicals, fibers, and specialty materials, burst into flames around 10:20 AM.

Fire crews responded to the emergency call quickly. However, at least 21 workers at the industrial plant are reported to have been injured in the blast, or in the subsequent blaze. Reports say at least two of the injured had to be taken to nearby hospitals via helicopter due to the severity of their injuries, and many more were transported via ambulance. A spokesperson for the La Porte Office of Emergency Management made a seemingly-counterpoint by claiming no injuries were life-threatening.

The exact cause of the disaster is not known, or has not yet been released to the public. Initial investigations are looking into a pressure safety valve failure. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) does not have any similar accidents or failures reported for the site.

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