Blog Posts in May, 2018

  • Sharing the Road with Motorcycles: Tips Everyone Should Know

    || 24-May-2018

    When a motorcycle accident occurs, the cause of the crash is not often the motorcyclists, but another motorist instead. In order to help prevent dangerous motorcycle accidents, it is everyone’s duty to drive responsibly and safely share the road with motorcycles. In order to do your part in stopping motorcycle accidents, remember these five tips: Look closely: The average motorcycle is no ...
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  • Severe Weather Hits El Paso & Surrounding Areas

    || 23-May-2018

    Thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and even quarter-sized hail recently struck the Borderland community and much of the surrounding area in the El Paso region of Texas, causing flash-flooding, carrying rocks and other debris into roadways, and doing immense damage to homes, cars, and other valuable pieces of property in the area. The sudden storms even affected local utilities, knocking out power ...
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  • 21 Injured in Pasadena, Texas Industrial Plant Explosion & Fire

    || 21-May-2018

    Pasadena, Texas — a region just southeast of Houston — was rocked by a massive chemical plant explosion and fire the morning of May 19 th, 2018. The Kuraray America EVAL facility, which produces a number of chemicals, fibers, and specialty materials, burst into flames around 10:20 AM. Fire crews responded to the emergency call quickly. However, at least 21 workers at the industrial ...
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