Blog Posts in 2012

  • Challenging DWI Breath Test Inaccuracy

    || 10-May-2012

    Are breath tests sometimes inaccurate? Absolutely, and an experienced Texas DWI lawyer may be able to defend against charges based on a flawed breathalyzer test. Texas has over 40 Technical Supervisor Areas that oversee breath alcohol testing to ensure test regulations are enforced. The supervisor is responsible for seeing that the testers, which may be police officers or other personnel, properly ...
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  • Drug Possession Legal Complexities: Possession under Federal Law

    || 11-Apr-2012

    In Texas, first offense drug possession charges for a small amount of marijuana or illegal prescription drugs is a misdemeanor. Even a second offense of less than two ounces of marijuana remains a misdemeanor under Texas state law. However, under the federal Controlled Substances Act, a second possession offense for someone with a prior possession conviction is a federal felony. This federal legal ...
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